A Boat On The Sea

From left to right
It is tossed about
Even if the sea is that wicked
It trusted the waves
Only to discover
It is its worst adversary
Splashing against the boat
Threatening to sink it
The boat becomes a coward
It encountered real oppression
For the winds have no mercy
Despite its feeble nature
They bring storm to wreck it
The sharks are even more perilous
Ready to devour its content
Other gigantic ships
Look down upon the boat
It is now timid
The sea is now an alien to the boat
A lonely boat without a comrade
For its world has forsaken it.
If your world is against you,
How can u bear it?



  1. Girl, nay, Woman, that is deep! The images and the metaphors are romantic yet depicting realism. haa l dont like this poem, I LOVE IT


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