From a Pillow’s Perspective

This thing with humans, who understands them anyway ?. The years before have always been boring for me. Perhaps i should say my duties have always been boring.
My duties are to provide humans with comfort ,provide them with a soft pad to lay their heads, and i get to do this every night and sometimes during the day. But there were weird nights when i found myself on his tommy, besides him and on his chest. I know my place is under his head, but i don’t deny enjoying those amazing moments whenever i get displaced, save the times i find myself under his feet. That was one place l hate to be, beneath his feet. Well, i don’t need to constantly worry about it, because that doesn’t happen always.
What actually beats my imagination is the new role added to my chores which is interesting in itself. Not the new role itself but the concurring events that led to the addition of the new role is what actually confuses me.
One night, i was prepared as usual to begin my duties, and i was fantasising on where i would be placed . And on his chest i was placed .I ought to be happy that day but i wasn’t . No sooner was i placed there than i saw myself under his feet, on his belly ,almost everywhere. I was tossed about all night. Whatever it was that kept him awake all night, i do not know but i sure don’t like the idea of being tossed all night.
Sadly enough ,it happened again the next day ,and again the day next and it kept on happening.
But that wasn’t the strangest thing at all. Just when i got used to the tossing ,something else happened.
One night as usual i was prepared for the tossing but that particular night it did not happen as it always does. I was tossed alright, but this time the tossing was limited to the head. I was shifted this way and that way until i begun to think that i wasn’t doing my job well. The following day, i was dried outside because i got wet overnight and did not even know how it happened.
So my new role became to be wet at night and dried outside during the day and i loved it. I welcomed this new role with joy because i enjoy the beauty of the day with the flowers to smile at me,the birds to whisper and flap their wings as they pass by, the blue sky to look down at me while the brown earth looks up at me and finally the sun to hug me until it sucks all the water out of me.
After the encounter with the sun, i would be sent back to the bed, where i belong, wait for the night, to get wet again . The wetting episodes got me so uncomfortable but without it i would not be able to enjoy the day with all its glory so i always look forward to it.
However i became worried about something. I thought and thought and still couldn’t figure out how i get wet during the night. There are times when humans get so comfortable asleep and leave there mouths ajar, so that all there secretions from the mouth of course ends up on me. I however ruled out that possible because a night’s oral secretion is not enough to get me that wet. It took me almost a year to realised it was his tears that got me wet ,and another year to know that in human society males are not encouraged to openly express their emotions and so he bottles it all up and releases it all on me as tears during the night when no one is watching. Humans and their silly rules . Well my recent discovery made me understand that heart break was the reason for his tears . Suddenly,it feels good to be a pillow with no tear to shear nor heart that might get broken.

L.W Deladem


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